Law Office of
John F. Schutty, P.C.


"Mr. Schutty demonstrated a knowledge and professionalism that was surpassed only by his utmost courtesy and understanding" - Client, 9/11 Firefighter

"I observed the summations. It was clear that Mr. Schutty is an experienced litigator. I thought that he out-performed our chosen counsel and the plaintiff's counsel in his presentation to the jury." - Insurance Executive

"I kind of feel as if we have made a full circle, and as bad as it all was, I truly am grateful for so many things... Meeting you would place high on the list... I could not have gotten through all the muddle and haze without your help and support..." - Client, 9/11 Widow

"We will be forever thankful not only for your professionalism, understanding, and judgment, but most of all, for your friendship" - Client, 9/11 Family

"I have been deeply touched by your kindness, generosity, love and friendship. I am so very grateful for your contributions in assisting me and remembering/honoring [my husband] during this most difficult time" - Client, Wrongful Death Case

"I think it is in order that you should be congratulated both for your determination in bringing about a successful conclusion to this long standing matter, and secondly, I admire the way in which you so diligently and skillfully dealt with both plaintiff and his attorney. I hope that their experience with [you] will discourage them from making any other similar false claim in the airline broking business." - COO of Major European Airline

"I think of you often and all the unbelievable time and effort you put into our case. You are a good man that follows through on his word using all of his capabilities. I couldn't want more for my children in their future professions." - Client, Wrongful Death Case

"You have made such a difference in my life and subsequently my 3 children's lives. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. We thanked God for you before we had dinner on Friday night. I have told the children over and over you were sent from God and we are so lucky to have you in our lives. I hope that they grow up to be patient, kind, sympathetic, generous, loving people like you; it is all a mother could want." -
Client, Wrongful Death Case