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$18,592,000 - 9th largest general verdict and largest civil rights verdict in New York State  in 2010.

Alan Newton was released from prison on July 6, 2006, after more than twenty-two years of incarceration for a rape and assault that DNA testing proved he did not commit.  

For twelve of those years, Newton repeatedly requested access to a rape kit that contained the ultimately exonerating DNA to no avail - not because Newton was not entitled to the rape kit, but because the New York City Police Department could not find it.  The jury, after a 3 and ½ week trial, awarded Mr. Newton a total of $18 million in damages against the City of New York for 12 years of wrongful incarceration.  The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit affirmed and reinstated the $18 million jury verdict in February 2015.  The City ultimately settled the action for a total of $14.9 million in 2016.  Newton has an action still pending against the State of New York for damages not paid by the City.


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